The work of Lost & Found: Ministry of the Shepherd is to:-

  • Proclaim and boldly witness to the Gospel.
  • Write and publish articles, books and magazines.
  • Write and develop evangelisation programmes, Scriptural seminars, video and audio programmes.
  • Conduct prayer meetings, retreats and spiritual gatherings.
  • Respond to the Spirit’s call in any other way.

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Silver Linings offer suggestions in a simple basic way for living a relaxed and balanced life through the power of attitude, thinking, and creating your own stress-less life.

  • Eagles are born with big, heavy wings. They learn to fly without actually flapping their wings. They do this to conserve energy. Instead, they rely on wind thermals, a gust of wind that will rise from the atmosphere. The wind lifts the eagles and with a mix of flying and soaring they rise. Their wings are spread straight out, and they soar with perfect ease on the wind

  • The blessed Feast of Christmas was established over 2000 years ago to honour and glorify the birth of the most important Man who ever

  • It’s Christmas time and leading up to Christmas, Christmas songs abound. You hear them on the radio and television, in shopping malls and stores, as you’re wandering the grocery aisles or waiting to get your car serviced. They flow from concert halls, school auditoriums and church

Spend some quiet time with God. These reflections offer food to nourish the heart and mind.

Why do we doubt the love of God?
Why do we doubt the love of God?January 19, 2024Why is it that we human beings cannot truly accept that God really loves us with a never-ending, unconditional love?Sure, we can mouth the words – “I know God loves me” – yet, in the shadows of our minds there is doubt and, truth be known, non-acceptance that it IS true.We come up with reasons – excuses really – which affirms those doubts. “How can God possibly love me? I don’t deserve that love. I’m a sinner. I keep on sinning. I am not worthy.”Read More
Life and the Mysteries of the Rosary
Life and the Mysteries of the RosaryJune 28, 2023The mysteries of the Rosary are based on twenty incidents in the life of Jesus and his Mother Mary. I encourage you to use the Rosary to also reflect on twenty incidents of your own life and to give thanks to God for the abounding grace showered on us.Read More
It’s Time to Blaze
It’s Time to BlazeJune 21, 2023Time has a way of moving quickly and catching you unaware of the passing years. From my personal perspective, reaching the winter of your life doesn’t mean that life is over. Far from it! Every day seniors are challenging the notion that life’s biggest accomplishments are reserved for the young, which gives us inspirational stories for senior citizens to feel empowered and encouraged.Read More

Lost & Found: Ministry of the Shepherd is an apostolate that has been formed to respond to that call to share the joy and invite others to discover the fullness of life that Jesus proclaimed.

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Greeting Prayer
Greeting PrayerFebruary 20, 2020The LORD bless you and keep you! The LORD let his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you! The LORD look upon you kindly and give you peace! [Numbers 6: 24-26]Read More
Sign of Cross
Sign of CrossNovember 8, 2016Lord Jesus, I sign my heart with the sign of the cross, reminding myself of your love for each person. I ask that I may grow in faithfulness as your friend.  I sign my lips with the sign of the cross that I may speak as you would speak.  I sign my hands with the […]Read More
Prayer of St Ignatius of Loyola – Suscipe
Prayer of St Ignatius of Loyola – SuscipeOctober 3, 2016Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will, All I have and call my own. You have given all to me. To you, Lord, I return it. Everything is yours; do with it what you will. Give me only your love and your grace, that is enough for […]Read More