Sign of Cross

Sign of Cross

Lord Jesus,

I sign my heart with the sign of the cross, reminding myself of your love for each person.

I ask that I may grow in faithfulness as your friend.

 I sign my lips with the sign of the cross that I may speak as you would speak.

 I sign my hands with the sign of the cross asking that you enable me to do your work, and be your hands in our world which you love so much.

 I sign my eyes with the sign of your cross that I may really see, Lord, and be aware of all that is around me.

 I sign my ears with the sign of the cross that I may listen and really hear the communication that comes to me in different ways – from you and from the people you place into my life.

 I sign my shoulders, Lord, with your cross, knowing that you call me to carry my own cross each day and support others in the burdens and difficulties that they have.

 All that I do today, I set out to do in the name of the Father (+) and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray:

Lord Jesus, I give you my hands – to do your work.

I give you my feet – to go your way.

I give you my eyes – to see as you do.

I give you my tongue – to speak your words.

I give you my mind – that you may think in me.

Above all, I give you my heart that you may love, in me, your Father and all humankind.

I give you my whole self that you may grow in me, so that it is you, Lord Jesus, who live and work and pray in me. Amen