Episode 25: I Can’t Wait for Christmas

Episode 25: I Can’t Wait for Christmas

The blessed Feast of Christmas was established over 2000 years ago to honour and glorify the birth of the most important Man who ever lived.

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Episode Transcript:

I can’t wait for Christmas.” It was 2016 and these words from our then 10-year-old granddaughter started a breakfast discussion. She said, “I love making Christmas special. I’m going to make it extra special this year. I’ve got some perfect ideas, planning games and fun activities for us all.” My Granddaughter’s words opened a flood of memories from my own childhood and what Christmas means to me. Our mother made it a mission to teach my sisters and me the true meaning of Christmas, sharing the story of the birth of Jesus, but weaving in magical stories of jolly old Saint Nick.

Saint Nicholas was born in AD 270 in a small Mediterranean country called Lysia, today a small part of Turkey. As a young man he was made the Bishop of Myra and many miracles were recorded while he was Bishop. He showed his love for his people by giving away money, clothing and food – always in secret. His fame spread throughout the world as a gift giver and provider and after his death on December 6, AD 343 he was revered as a Saint.

Customs grew and spread and as the stories passed through cultures and centuries, various groups of people modified his name and adapted him into their cultural heritage. Whether he rides on a white horse, a reindeer or is pulled along by six white boomers, a spirit of goodness has entered the world through the Christmas legend that’s inspired thousands through the centuries to leave their self-centredness behind and has reminded most of the world, at least once a year, that there is a better way.

As ridiculous as it sounds, even in our times there are those who attempt to undermine the true meaning and reason for Christmas and to turn it into a wholly commercialised celebration. In recent years there have been moves to do away with the greeting of “Merry Christmas” in favour of the more religiously neutral “Happy Holidays.” Fortunately, the outcry to such moves has been loud enough to stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas again – at least for the time being!

The blessed Feast of Christmas was established over 2000 years ago to honour and glorify the birth of the most important Man who ever lived. In the Bible, the Apostle John said: “The Word became flesh, he lived among us, and we saw his glory, the glory that he has from the Father as only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth.” Our loving God gave us the greatest gift possible: his own Son, a saviour and the promise of eternal life. The child Jesus would grow to give us as a way of life and a pathway to God. He is the reason for the season, and we should never lose sight of why we celebrate. Even the name Christmas emanates from Christ.

Essentially, Christmas is a family occasion, even more so than birthdays or anniversaries. It is an occasion when virtually everyone is both ready and anxious to be with their nearest and dearest. Even as our clan has grown and scattered, we still try to be together under one roof to celebrate life and the year that was. Sometimes the tyranny of distance makes it harder to achieve a whole family gathering, but we still celebrate Christmas together with those of our family who can be with us.

So, I delight in the knowledge that granddaughter carries the torch to “make Christmas extra special” with her “perfect ideas.” And I pray that she will always carry in her heart the true meaning of Christmas.


Look for the Silver Lining. This is Terry Lees

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