Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit


Come, Holy Spirit, today help me pause. Help me consider, Help me ask for, seek out, and recognise wisdom. As you will, help me be your instrument of wisdom for others who are searching, for others who are hurting.

 Come, Holy Spirit, today allow me to understand more. I want to see as you see, not just others but myself. You live and move and work in each of us. Help me see you.

 Come, Holy Spirit, today lead me to those with wisdom and understanding. Let me be your voice, your touch, your kindness, your blessing to those who seek your counsel. Prepare me to do your will.

 Come, Holy Spirit, today guide me in the way of knowledge. Help me learn what I am to learn, help me teach what I am to teach. Always help me come to better know and teach Christ.

 Come, Holy Spirit, today give me the courage to make it through my day. Bless me with fortitude to face the hardest challenges of my life. Help me keep my eyes on Easter.

 Come, Holy Spirit, today through your gift of piety, let my actions be my thanks. Let my life be my adoration of the One who gives me all.

 Come, Holy Spirit, today help me accept the gift of the fear of the Lord, the offer to love you more deeply, more fully, more selflessly. You who are the love of God, you who deserve my all.

 Come today, Holy Spirit, come today. Amen.