Positive thoughts… from the heart

Positive thoughts… from the heart

A sower went out to sow… [Mark 4:3] My life is rich soil that has been prepared to receive the seed that falls on it and to produce fruit.

For so many years of my life I was a disciple of positive thinking, even to the extent of using my own blood group as a positive affirmation: AB+ Not just a blood group but a way of life! I read the books, listened to the tapes and CDs, watched the DVDs and subscribed to the newsletters. I wrote and repeated affirmations and lived a positive thinking lifestyle.

Yet, there was always a nagging feeling within that something was missing, that positive thinking wasn’t enough. And it wasn’t! Positive thinking kept me in my head. Affirmations did nothing to overcome negativity, emotional issues and core wounds. Something much stronger was needed.

What was missing was the heart. I needed to be transformed, to be changed from within. Positive thinking can’t do that. But the Word of God can – and did. There was only one book I needed – the Bible. God’s word and ways reach deep into my heart, fostering authenticity that lasts. St Paul says: the word of God is living and effective, sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating even between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and able to discern reflections and thoughts of the heart. [Hebrews 4:12]

Transformation is not easy. Indeed, it can be very confronting and painful for it involves disintegration, stripping away the old, layer by layer. I experienced a dark night of the soul, a descent into darkness, before the realisation that I was not really alone. New hope emerged, Jesus was with me. What followed was a commitment to early morning quiet times with God, prayer, reading, pondering and contemplating Scripture and journaling in the form of a daily written chat with God and allowing the Holy Spirit to sweep clean the inner man to replace the old with new life. It also meant giving over control, surrendering to God’s plan for my life, letting God have the steering wheel.

Prayer, Scripture study and fellowship in faith with other believers are the essential contributing factors in the development of a spiritual awareness and the attainment of a positive, living and dynamic faith.

The quiet times grew richer, more fruitful as I found more meaning, more purpose in my life. In gaining new life I rediscovered the real me. I say ‘rediscovered’ because there was a previous time when I was fully one with God the Creator, because I came from God. Somewhere along the way I lost that connection. Lost and found – how clearly I now understand.

When God’s love possesses you, you are called to relationship and in responding to the invitation your life is miraculously changed. You become aware of your unity with the Father. As you open up your life to God’s life and influence, the Holy Spirit goes to work and you are enabled to live as God intended – in God’s strength and in the awareness of God’s living presence.

The experience of feeling unity with God is a gift from God. It becomes yours when you appropriate it for yourself in faith and with gratitude. God’s love reaches out to others through you and your own life is enriched in a way you never imagined possible.

In the beginning was the Word… The Word became flesh, he lived among us, and we saw his glory … [John 1:1] Jesus bridges the gap between God and humanity. The Son of God chooses to make his home within us. He journeys with us. We are not alone – never alone. Emmanuel – God is with us.

Without the seed of God’s Word I am barren, dusty soil – a positive thinker lost in the realms of the head. With the seed I have a responsive, tender heart, a heart so filled with love it overflows and because it overflows I MUST share it. I too must sow the seeds of God’s love. I MUST proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. I MUST witness to the wonderful, marvellous ways the Holy Spirit works in my life. I am more than a disciple, I am a devotee.

Let the word of God enrich your heart. Fix your eyes on God. Savour the unconditional love, let it fill and warm your heart. You are precious to God whose grace fills you. It is a gift beyond measure.

Treasure Life!